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J LHLS Archives: July 2004

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty
Writer: Gabriel Benson
Beckett Comics

Reviewed by Jane Seaton

Gabriel Benson crowds Hawthorne and Atiyeh's vividly realised Old West scenery with people and plots we already know. Sure, there's Sleeping Beauty, but we've also met the cynical, and irritatingly cryptic, old timer who educates the rube, we've heard the night-before-the-hanging confessions, and we've dared to hope for the last-minute-before-the-hanging rescues. We may not have shared ghost stories in the shadow of a gallows, but we know the formula. And if we're not North Americans with wagon train folklore flowing in our veins, we're familiar with it through the medium of film and TV, and it resonates and enriches the Ballad of Sleeping Beauty so much that I was surprised to pick up the comic again a few days after I first read it and find there were only 24 fairly uncrowded pages.

This comic is a blend of good old wines poured into a new wineskin, and your reviewer awaits issue #2 with eager anticipation, to see if anything is going to burst.

(Here at J LHLS World Headquarters, we just got a copy of Sleeping Beauty #2, thank you Beckett Comics, and will be sending it to Jane ASAP. Ed)

Posted by Jane Seaton @ 08:53 PM PST [Link]

Prince Valiant Vol. 50
Vikings on the Isle of Man
Published by Fantagraphics

Reviewed by Chad Denton

Comics, especially the comics page of the Sunday newspaper, aren't exactly the most diversified medium, but it's always seemed strange to me that historical stories haven't made more of a splash with comics in any form. History is just one endless mine of good stories and interesting characters, while the highly visual nature of comics would lend itself well to a historic yarn. Maybe the thought of having to research the architecture and costumes needed is too much for most artists, but, as people like Jerry Bruckheimer demonstrate time and time and time again, historical accuracy doesn't even rank twenty-seventh on many people's list of priorities. [more]

Posted by Chad Denton @ 08:52 PM PST [Link]

Monday, July 26, 2004

Comic con 2004 swag:
REVIEWED "House of Reeds", Thomas Harlan,;
"Tex", Mike Wellman et al.,Political satire, includes CD,;
REVIEWED "Gone South" 1 and 2, Mike Wellman et al.,Yankee vampire gals in the deep South, There was a major art shift in this duo. If this were a film, it would look like William Wyler directed the first one and Ingmar Bergman directed the second.
"B.A.B.E.Force", "Jurassic Trailer Park" and Free Comic book day book,;
REVIEWED "Specwar" 2-8, Frank A. Lauria, Warfare comic, (I've no idea what's on this site because I'm on dial-up);
Family Reunion, Sean Steward and Steve Lieber. Based on characters from the novel "Perfect Circle",;
REVIEWED "Wanted - Death Row Edition", Top Cow, Mark Millar et al., (Top Cow's site hates dial-up, too);
REVIEWED "Same Difference and Other Stories", Derek Kirk Kim. Top Shelf,, (just won an Eisner);
REVIEWED "Carnet De Voyage", Craig Thompson. Top Shelf, (just won an Eisner);
REVIEWED "The Collected Gothic Nights", David Barbour et al., Rebel Studios. Quite a lot for the Vampire/Werewolf porn aficionado in this floppy. I dunno, see if you can google a webpage for this thing.
REVIEWED "Bikini Automatic" #4, Ken and Maggie Wright. This little comic is a riot. I managed to miss it at APE, but I'm glad I found it at Comic Con.;
"Vice", Anson Jew,;
REVIEWED "Between the Cracks", Harris O'Malley,;
REVIEWED "Berserker: The Wild Hunt", Jens Altmann,
Stay tuned for reviews!

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 10:13 PM PST [Link]

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