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J LHLS Archives: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, Issue 7

Well, here we are at Issue 7, seems like only two years ago we were at Issue 1!

Posted by Editor @ 06:01 PM PST [Link]

It goes without saying that the United States energy situation appears very dire. With the prices at the pump going up and up and up, I finally reached a point where I had to start looking for serious alternatives.
My Oily Life
By Jesse Gotham

Posted by Editor @ 05:59 PM PST [Link]

Slash: homoerotic fan-fiction featuring paired characters, frequently fictional, usually both male. The term 'slash' refers to the piece of punctuation known as a virgule (/), which is used to denote a specific pairing, i.e., Kirk/Spock, Starsky/Hutch, Legolas/Aragorn.
Slash Writing: Variations on a Theme
By Kathryn L. Ramage

Posted by Editor @ 05:58 PM PST [Link]

Yes, I was one of those people in the mid-1980's. I couldn't let go. Punk was dead. It had its brief, extremely brief, moment under the moon and then it was no more.
My Left Ear: An Inspiring Story
By Russell Smith

Posted by Editor @ 05:58 PM PST [Link]

It's a scandal that, after 500 years, the astonishing Portuguese fiction "Menina e Moça" has still not been translated into English.
"Menina e Moça": A neglected masterpiece
By John Emerson

Posted by Editor @ 05:57 PM PST [Link]

Since the rise of the Catholic Church in the West, nudes in painting have been a subversive mode of expression.
John Drake-Moore Art Book
By Ginger Mayerson

Posted by Editor @ 05:55 PM PST [Link]

Well, it's both nature and nurture. I can't believe that God would create Larry King all on His own.
An Interview with Mike Nelson
By Ginger Mayerson and Laurel Sutton

Posted by Editor @ 05:52 PM PST [Link]

Dolls, Vol. 3
by Yumiko Kawahara
Published by VIZ Media

Review by Kathryn Ramage

Yumiko Kawahara continues her series of graphic short stories about living dolls -- actually,
plants that look like beautiful, golden-curled little girls. Sometimes, the dolls grow up to be women. As in Volumes 1 and 2, this latest collection of stories are exquisitely drawn black-and-white fantasies about the dolls and their owners, and the emotional connections between the two -- but the overall tone of the stories is a little more macabre this time.

Posted by Kathryn L Ramage @ 05:15 PM PST [Link]

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