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J LHLS Archives: September 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
Based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi
English Language Version produced by VIZ, 2005

Review by Kelly S. Taylor

Inuyasha fans, rejoice! The third Inuyasha movie, Swords on an Honorable Ruler, is everything U.S. viewers hope for in a movie based on a television series, but so seldom get. Rather than being a strange new creation loosely based on the original, Swords of an Honorable Ruler is a supercharged mega-episode. You get some new information about the characters you love. Exciting things happen. All production elements are prettied up and prancing around in their Sunday best.

Pardon me while I rant, but why the hell is the satisfying transfer of a show from the small screen to the big screen so rare in the U.S.? Are budding directors required to take a "Fans: Why You Must Learn to Hate Them" seminar? Why do directors seem to say to themselves, "Great! I've got a huge built-in audience of television viewers for my "My Three Sons" movie. This is my perfect opportunity do the "Sons and Lovers" adaptation I've always wanted to do!"? Why do production staff meetings seem to begin with comments like, "Okay, the original was a romantic comedy, so the two things we want to avoid most in our new version are romance and comedy"? [more]

Posted by Kelly S Taylor @ 07:10 PM PST [Link]

École du Ciel, Vol. 1
by Haruhiko Mikimoto
Translation: Ikoi Hiroe
English Adaptation: Ikoi Hiroe & Paul Morrissey
Published by TOKYOPOP

Review by Tom Good

This story about a military training academy for mech pilots invites comparisons to Top Gun, and because it is set in the Gundam universe, I started to think of it as "Top Gundam." Both stories have main characters who must live with their fathers' bad reputations. In Top Gun, Maverick's father was blamed for causing an accident that killed him and other personnel. Here, the heroine Asuna is the daughter of a former professor at the Zeon national defense academy, who is now wanted for war crimes. Both heroes arrive at a pilot school where the training is demanding and expectations are high. But in many respects, the characters are very different. Unlike the cocky hotshot Maverick, Asuna is a shy waif who is failing her classes at École du Ciel ("school of the sky"), and seems to lack the skills to survive real mech combat. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 06:42 PM PST [Link]

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Kumoricon 2005

Report by Tom Good
An anime convention blurs the line between show and audience. Costumed fans become part of the attraction, and they know it. "This could be an empty stage, you don't even need me up here," one speaker joked, as comments shouted from the crowd started to turn the opening ceremonies into a Rocky Horror style comedy event. The fans were so fired up and ready to take part, I kept checking my watch to make sure it was really 10 a.m. on a Saturday. It was, and Kumoricon '05 was already off to a good start.

Kumoricon's name (literally, "cloudy-con") suits its Portland location, but September sunshine appeared, allowing for plenty of nice outdoor photos, and even tempting some fans to venture into the hotel's swimming pool. And the mood here was anything but gloomy. Convention staff, guests, and fans were very friendly and nice; one fan from Washington who went to get some cosplay tickets came back with an extra one for me, even though we had never met, and I soon found myself talking with him and his friends. The hallways felt like fashion runways at times, and with three anime screening rooms and a video gaming room, there was always something to do. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 02:56 PM PST [Link]

Monday, September 5, 2005

Only You
Urusei Yatsura: Movie 1
Based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi
English version produced by Animeigo

Review by Kelly S. Taylor

I love Lum. It's kinda hard to explain why, though. She's really sort of a bitch. Well, then again, maybe that's what I like about her. Lum is the central character of Rumiko Takahashi's first successful manga series, Urusei Yatsura. The title literally translates as "The Noisy Aliens." However, since urusei is a somewhat impolite term, it might capture the feeling of the original better to say the title is "Shut Up, Aliens!" or "Those Damned, Trouble-Making, Noisy Aliens!" [more]

Posted by Kelly S Taylor @ 01:45 PM PST [Link]

Oh My Goddess! Volume 1
Based on the manga by Kousuke Fujishima
English version produced by Animeigo

Review by Kelly S. Taylor

I could say that I find the Oh My Goddess series fascinating because of the creative mixing of Norse mythology and modern technology, or that I am interested in the way that the theme of renewal is integrated as a vital component of the plot's theme of romance, or that I appreciate the fact that positive values such as humility and generosity are consistently valorized and rewarded. However the truth is that this show appeals to the squealing girly-girl within me that years of reading and teaching Feminist Theory just can't kill. Oh My Goddess is a sweet, funny, kooky Science Fiction/Romance about big-eyed boys and girls with great hair and beautiful costumes. It's a cute show... or as the Japanese would say "kawaii". Be warned, cynics. Oh My Goddess is totally kawaii. Ka-wa-frigging-ii. [more]

Posted by Kelly S Taylor @ 01:22 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Gimoles, vol. 1
By Mike Bullock and Theo Bain
Published by Alias Comics

Review by Kathryn L. Ramage

Gimoles, noun, (gimímoles) 1) Tiny green elves responsible for creating the season of spring.

The above definition, taken from the title page of this new childrenís comic, neatly describes the featured characters. The Gimoles live underground during the winter, keeping busy with embroidering the leaves and painting the flowers to bring their handiwork out in spring. This has been their job since time immemorial, until one year, when a terrible thing happens. [more]

Posted by Kathryn L Ramage @ 06:19 AM PST [Link]

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