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J LHLS Archives: September 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Shall Never Return vol. 4
Story and Art: Kazuna Uchida
Published by the Deux Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496340
ISBN-13: 978-1934496343

Review by Kris

I don't really want to bore you with recapping the previous volumes, so click on the following links to read my previous reviews: volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3. Shall we jump on in to the synopsis and review?

Ken wants to become a better man for Ritsuro. The opportunity to travel to India with his stepfather J is the perfect chance. Ritsuro doesn’t seem to see it that way. He figures that Ken is happy with his new family and no longer needs him. To cope with the pain, Ritsuro finds solace in Kazuyoshi’s arms. Kazuyoshi tells Ritsuro that he loves him over and over, but Ritsuro’s emotions aren’t as clear. [more]

Posted by Kris @ 10:08 PM PST [Link]

Friday, September 19, 2008

J LHLS Interview with Amy Colburn

Author: Dale Lazarov
Illustrator: Amy Colburn
Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag Gmbh, 2008
ISBN: 9783861878872

Artist Amy Colburn was kind enough to give J LHLS this interview on the eve of the U.S. publication of Manly, written by Dale Lazarov with art by Ms. Colburn.

Interview by Ginger Mayerson

Ginger Mayerson: So how long have you been working with Dale Lazarov? He's so cool, I get frostbite just thinking about him.

Amy Colburn: Dale is great. I've been working with him for...almost two years? Since we started production on "Manly."

GM: I love your art for "Manly." How did you and Dale find each other?

AC: Dale saw some of my personal comic work and contacted me about doing a book with him. I thought his previous book, "Sticky," (see links below, Ed) was amazing, and I was thrilled and flattered that he wanted to work with me. I jumped at it!

GM: What are you reading? Comics and other?

AC: Lately, I've been going back and reading books that I feel like I should have read by now. Dorian Gray, In Cold Blood, whatever I happen to pick up. [more]

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:41 PM PST [Link]

Future Lovers vol. 1
Story and Art: Saika Kunieda
Published by the Deux Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496359
ISBN-13: 978-1934496350

Review by Kris

Kento Kumagaya has always wanted a caring wife and loving kids. You know, the ideal kind of life. Life, however, dealt him a different hand. After having his proposal rejected by his girlfriend, a handsome guy at the bar let him cry on his shoulder. The two of them had quite a bit to drink, and ended up having a hot, sweaty night of sex. Kento is a science teacher in a high school and his girlfriend is the school nurse. After his night of hot lovin’ he was in for a surprise at work. It turns out his one night stand is the new art teacher Akira Kazuki. That night Kazuki got a little drunk at his own welcoming party and Kento was given the pleasure to take him home. Once they got to Kazuki’s place, another night of hot, passionate sex ensued. It turns out that Kento might not be as straight as he thought. Of course, Akira is a self-assured gay man. [more]

Posted by Kris @ 08:20 PM PST [Link]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make Love and Peace
Story and Art: Takane Yonetani
Published by the Luv Luv Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496324
ISBN-13: 978-1934496329

Review by Kris

Ayame Shinoda is an 18-year-old college student. By sheer chance she met the love of her life, Koichi. The opportunity presented itself when a thief snatched a purse. Ayame was on the softball team in high school so she’s pretty tough. She helped apprehend the suspect and fell in love with one of the cops who aided in the chase. Yes, that cop is Koichi. After Ayame decided to stalk him, they started a relationship.

Posted by Kris @ 08:02 PM PST [Link]

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yakuza in Love vol. 3
Story and Art: Shiuko Kano
Published by the Deux Press Imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1934496316
ISBN-13: 978-1934496312

Review by Kris

OK, let’s do a quick recap:

Aoi Ichimura is a member of the Flower Gang. He works as an apprentice for the Underboss, Yuji Sakiya. The current Don is a creep. Chihiro Karasuma is an executive in the gang and very close friends with Sakiya. Junki Ozawa is Karasuma’s current apprentice and brother to one of Chihiro’s former apprentices. Aoi loves Sakiya, Sakiya loves Aoi back. Junki loves Chihiro, but Chihiro only sees Junki as a little brother. Junki has been sleeping with Azuma, a member in a rival faction of the Flower Gang. Aoi is lucky, the Don is infatuated with Aoi. And Junki has been kidnapped. Phew…

This is the last volume for the Yakuza in Love series. Boy, does it come to a head, erm I mean, we reach the climax, no, oh forget it! Keep your minds in the gutter! We’ve reached the end with explosive force. Chihiro insists on finding Junki on his own, but Sakiya doesn’t think that’s a good idea. So, while Chihiro charges on ahead full force, Sakiya goes to the yakuza manager for backup. When Junki is located the yakuza gather for the final showdown. I don’t want to give too much away so you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens. [more]

Posted by Kris @ 07:54 PM PST [Link]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VIZ Announces Black Lagoon Manga

VIZ announced today the North American debut of the BLACK LAGOON manga series. I have not read the manga yet, but based on how good the anime series is, I'm excited about this. The following is from the VIZ press release:

Creator/artist Rei Hiroe debuted his first manga series in 1993. His most notable work, BLACK LAGOON, has been published in Shogakukan's monthly magazine Sunday GX since 2002. The series is critically acclaimed for its unrelenting, fast-paced action, gritty stories and highly detailed array of weaponry and military hardware. Based on the success of the manga in Japan, BLACK LAGOON was also developed into a blockbuster animated series that has produced two seasons in Japan to date.

"BLACK LAGOON is a fast-paced, gun-slinging action adventure in the tradition of Pulp Fiction and The Transporter," says Mike Montesa, Editor, VIZ Media. "Readers will delight in the accurately depicted arsenal of weaponry and hard-boiled characters including the tough-as-nails Revy Two Hand, who is probably the sexiest femme fatale to ever pick up a Gepard anti-tank rife. With their modified PT boat, the Black Lagoon crew will deliver anything anywhere, no questions asked – so long as the price is right. We invite readers to delve into this shady and exciting world of double-dealing gangsters and ruthless criminals who will use any means necessary to try and stop this rag-tag group of well-armed mercenaries from fulfilling their dangerous missions."

See also: Review of the Black Lagoon anime

Tom Good

Posted by Tom Good @ 08:05 PM PST [Link]

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kumoricon 2008

by Tom Good
Photography by Tom Good and Gregor Torrence

Kumoricon transforms an ordinary Portland weekend into something more magical, a gathering where costumed anime fans can wander beneath the trees of a city park, savoring the days of summer. Passers-by ask about the gathering in appreciative tones, admiring the workmanship of the costumes. The convention seems infused with a feeling of fan empowerment, which leads to enthusiastic participation in the events of the weekend, from panel discussions to contests and games. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 09:54 PM PST [Link]

Barack Obama for Beginners: An Essential Guide
Written by Bob Neer
Illustrated by Joe Lee
Published by For Beginners Imprint of Steerforth Press
ISBN-10: 1934389382
ISBN-13: 9781934389386

Review by Linda Yau

In a nutshell, Barack Obama for Beginners is a easy to read biographical account/comic book of this year's Democratic President candidate. Many voters, may not be aware of the man who they possibly vote for, so this is a guide that condenses the entire personal and political history of Barack Obama. Illustrated with cartoon images, the book delivers a amusing and succinct representation of the candidate, with web references at the back of the book for more information. The book ensures that it would be a short read, for an afternoon or a commute, which it was. [more]

Posted by Linda Yau @ 06:29 PM PST [Link]

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