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J LHLS Archives: September 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kumoricon 2007

By Tom Good

Imagine a bottle spinning on the brickwork of a park on a summer day. Above it stands an anime fan, dressed in costume. Zoom out to a circle of people, similarly dressed, surrounding this center point, waiting. The bottle slows to a stop, indicating a point on the perimeter, and the person in the center delivers a "glomp" to the one on the outside, and then they change places and the process begins again.

A glomp is more or less a hug, often executed with a running start, and sometimes including a jump at the end or some other flourish. The word supposedly derives from the sound effect of one anime character tackle-hugging another, and according to one fan on the Kumoricon message boards, a glomp circle like this one "showcases" the various "styles of glomping." There were indeed different styles in evidence, with calm walks followed by polite hugs on one end of the spectrum, all the way to long-distance flying leaps on the other. One group of three girls glomped as a team -- when the bottle pointed to any of them, all three would receive the glomp simultaneously, then all take over the center together. [more]

Posted by Tom Good @ 02:29 PM PST [Link]

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