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J LHLS Archives: October 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Passion: Forbidden Lovers
Story by: Shinobu Gotoh
Illustrated by: Shouko Takaku
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-574-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-574-2

Review by Kris

There is a rumor floating around Hikaru Umino's high school. Handsome teacher Mr. Shima has recently become engaged. Hikaru has fallen in love with Shima and doesn't know what to do with the sadness he feels after finding out this news. Posing as fellow teacher Mr. Amamiya, Hikaru lures Shima into an empty classroom and proceeds to rape him. Shima tries (but not too hard it seems) to get Hikaru to stop. Shima tells Hikaru that he is not engaged to be married and that those are only rumors. If you think the premise on raping your most beloved person is strange things only get weirder. At school the next day Hikaru dreads seeing Shima. At least he is feeling some remorse for his actions. Yet when he passes Shima on the stairs it seems like nothing ever happened between them.

While Shima is trying to deal with the situation with Hikaru, Mr. Amamiya wants Shima for himself. It turns out that Shima and Amamiya attended the same high school and were lovers for a time. Amamiya broke it off, breaking Shima's heart. Shima has moved on in his life, but it seems that Amamiya hasn't. After a bizarre meeting at Shima's house Shima, Amamiya, and Hikaru share a meal. Of course Amamiya is trying to get back into Shima's pants, Hikaru is trying to move on but awkwardly is in the middle, and who knows what's going on in Shima's mind. After Amamiya leaves Shima's apartment, Shima proceeds to drag Hikaru to the bedroom for some hot, sweaty, illegal sex (because we are dealing with a teacher and student, adult and minor, you know against the law). Hikaru was supposed to come up with a way to atone for his misdeed. Shima suggests they "play lovers." They will have to keep it on the down low because of the whole teacher student thing. Hikaru is ecstatic! [more]

Posted by Kris @ 11:06 PM PST [Link]

Carnal Sacraments
Written by Perry Brass
Published by Belhue Press
ISBN10: 1892149052
ISBN13: 9781892149053

Review by Linda Yau

Carnal Sacraments is set in a futuristic alternative universe, this is a world that is like Orwell's 1984 meet Anderson's Feed. Germany is the leading country of the world and Jeffrey Cooper is a man who appears to be king of his world. Jeffrey is a powerful businessman who has the ability to determine trends. Similar to being a 'cool hunter,' styles are found to peak in popularity and then fall in popularity, he determines that. As a product of the government's system though, Jeffrey has a strict regimen of sustaining his ageless body. The only problem he worries about is the copping of dealing with stress. It wasn't until he meets John that Jeffrey's perfect world starts to crumble, as he enters into an identity crisis. [more]

Posted by Linda Yau @ 07:31 PM PST [Link]

Seti's Heart
By Kiernan Kelly
1st Torquere Press Printing January 2008
Also available as an e-book

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Seeing how it's so close to Halloween, I thought I'd review a sexy horror story. Looking in my e-book folder, I found a novel about a mummy I was supposed to have reviewed back in the spring. Oops! Since it had hibernated for so long, I thought I'd better resurrect it, like the mummy it's about. Being familiar with Torquere Press' usual fare, I took for granted it would be a hot, sexy gay love story. Much to my surprise, it was a very good story as well. Good enough to be made into a movie, if it weren't for the gay love story. Let's hope some enlightened film producer takes a stab at it in the not too distant future. [more]

Posted by Ida Vega Landow @ 02:27 PM PST [Link]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barefoot Waltz
Story and Art: Romuco Miike
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-595-x
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-595-7

Review by Kris

Barefoot Waltz by Romuco Miike is a one-shot collection. This is the last one-shot collection out of this round of Juné releases. Luckily in the next round there was only one one-shot collection.

The first one-shot story Barefoot Waltz, Come Here, and Summer Cold are the longest of the stories. Abe is an author and somewhat of a loner. At the beginning of the summer he always feel a bit sluggish and a young man takes up his thoughts by the name of Katsumi Nakahara. Two years ago Nakahara worked for the company that publishes Abe's work. When Nakahara had come to pick up the manuscript they had a night of sweaty sex. Now two years from that time Nakahara has shown up on Abe's step unable to get sensei out of his head. It seems Nakahara fell in love with Abe and has no where else to go. [more]

Posted by Kris @ 09:50 PM PST [Link]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kabuki vol. 1 - Flower
Story and Art: Yukari Hashida
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-592-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-592-6

Review by Kris

Death will never separate these lovers.

Kounosuke is the young master of Kiyonari Castle during the Tenshou Era (between 1573-1592 AD thanks to the manga for publishing those dates). He has a young page named Kageya. During a siege the castle had been breached and the enemy was making its way to where Kounosuke and Kageya had retreated. Knowing that there was no option but death the two lovers swore to one another that they would search for each other in the next life. The next thing you know Kounosuke is lying in a modern hospital bed. He is utterly confused. Where on earth is Kounosuke? [more]

Posted by Kris @ 02:45 PM PST [Link]

Passionate Theory
Story and Art: Ayumi Kano
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-578-x
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-578-0

Review by Kris

Midori Komasawa wants to study overseas. He is passionate about math. Midori failed to tell his best friend Arie Kanoh about going overseas. It seems that Kanoh has deeper feelings for Midori than just friendship. But there seems to be a rival on the scene for Midori's feelings. Gin Hanabusa is Midori's cousin, a math teacher at Midori and Kanoh's school, and Kanoh's former math tutor. Kanoh knows first hand how Hanabusa feels about Midori (at least he thinks he knows). Here begins our bizarre love triangle of math. [more]

Posted by Kris @ 12:26 PM PST [Link]

Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Angel vol. 2
Story and Art: Makoto Tateno
Published by Digital Manga Publishing
ISBN-10: 1-56970-831-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-831-6

Review by I-hsiu Lin

From demons to angels....

That is the premise of the story Red Angel by Tateno Makoto. In vol. 1, we meet Mika, a beautiful girl and Eru, her equally beautiful older brother. Within a few moments, we learn that Eru and Mika is one in the same and as one, they are vampires. That is putting it simply. With red wings and power that sets her apart from her brethren, she travels through cities for the sake of living. With her memories unclear, she doesn't seek her past, but her past finds her. A man with red colored wings, calling her by name. "Hello, Archangel Michael." In the shower feathers, she finds herself.

As a fallen angel. Almost. [more]

Posted by I hsiu Lin @ 11:34 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yakuza in Love, vol. 3
Story and art by Shiuko Kano
Published by Deux Press
ISBN-10:  1934496316
ISBN-13:  9781934496312

Review by Jilly Gee

Is it too cliché if I start with, "The exciting conclusion to the yakuza boys love story by Shiuko Kano"?  Hrm, but it is exciting and it is a conclusion.  Chihiro, letting his emotions obscure his common sense, goes charging off on his own to rescue Junki while the clearheaded Sakiya and manager Iwaki make more organized plans.  Sakiya, out of a combination of love for Aoi and knowing his true nature, doesn't allow him to participate, which of course means Aoi moves on his own anyway and gets into trouble himself.  Being locked up with the Don as company means he gets to have that much-needed heart-to-heart with his cousin, but will that selfish man really listen? [more]

Posted by Jilly Gee @ 04:41 PM PST [Link]

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