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Comments: This review of Ginger Mayerson's is almost as entertaining and definitely as intruiging as "Y - the last man". I think it should be required reading for anyone who is a fan of that comic series. The comic is not without it's flaws but it is definitely worth your time to check out. I will say that Ginger is way off on all of her criticisms regarding characterizations of gender, race, plot, and "science". That brutality, opportunism, xenophobia, weakness, and desire are present at all in a world soley populated by women is apparently offensive to her. Many of the things she criticizes at length are moot issues because she did not pay attention to details and rushed to judgement as to what was going on. Her review reaches the height of hipocracy with inclusion or lack thereof a black character. The irony of her "feminist" review is that it is based on the hidebound, patrimonial paradigm of literature; a protaganist defeats an antagonist by
simple moral superiority, those characters with flaws serve as a literary indictment against their peers. I thought that the "knee-jerk, liberal feminazi" was an invention of nutjob right-wing commentators like gas-bag Limbaugh but to my amusement I find that not totally untrue. See ladies? A man can admit when he is wrong! Seriously, if you googled this review like I did, and this review turns you off or on, unlearn what you have learned and give "Y - the last man" a chance. If you can think for yourself and avoid jumping to conclusions it's better written and a bit more tasteful than is implied here.

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Your review of Y the Last Man was the most idiotic piece of crying wolf I think I could ever imagine; it's called a suspension of disbelief; it's called fucking "fiction." And to call marriage state sanctioned slavery in the same piece, when some of us are trying like hell to get gay marriage legalized - jesus christ, I'm sorry you aren't talented enough to make it without lowering yourself to bullshit like that, or I'm sorry daddy touched you, or whatever the fuck your problem is - but come on, leave fucking comic books out of it.

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