J LHLS is pleased to present the winner of the 2006 Women Comics Podcasters Grant:

Jenni Moody of the Phantom Power Comics Podcast

Please give her a listen. She's got fascinating things to say in a great voice with excellent production values.

November 2006

WCP Resources: Leaving this information here just in case it's useful to someone someday.

J LHLS is offering this grant because the webspace to host mp3 files - which are usually over 15MB each - is the one economic obstacle* to doing a podcast.

Here are some free resources for setting up and running your comics podcast:

For Windows

No Nags Software
Has open source audio editing and other software with no ads or spyware (they say)

Clean Software
Has open source audio editing and other software with no ads or spyware (they say)

CoffeeCup Free FTP
You'll need a way to upload files to your hosting site

For Mac

WireTap Pro
Audio recording software; costs $19, but you can use the trial version forever

Garage Band
Comes with your Mac. Learn to use it for recording and editing

OneButton FTP
You'll need a way to upload files to your hosting site

For everybody

Good place to set-up your podcast blog

The "in" place to set-up you podcast blog

Website for sending files up to 100MB

Software for sending files up to 100MB or larger

Offers 500MB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

For phone interviews (better for Macs, but works pretty well on PCs)

For phone interviews - comes with a built-in recording function (better for Windows)

Apple iTunes Technical Specs
You'll need to know this stuff to get your show listed in iTunes (looks scarier than it is)

*J LHLS realizes that there are equipment requirements for podcasting - computers, headsets, microphones, etc. - that we can do nothing about other than make certain recommendations for products we've been pleased with:

CyberAccoustics Headset Model AC-850

Logitech USB Desktop Microphone

Logitech USB Headset 250


J LHLS would like to thank the fabulous Molly Kiely for our Women Comics Podcasters graphic. For more Molly and more fun than you can shake a barrel of monkeys at please visit www.MollyKiely.com.

July 23, 2006: WCP grant announcement at J LHLS M and E.

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Because balancing a laptop in the bathroom is tricky. Seriously, people still like the feel and smell of a book. It doesn't need batteries, cables, and you never get spammed. Also, there is a big difference between a comic at 72 dpi and a printed page at 600 dpi. An Interview with David Allen

"Anyone who has kids knows the answer: It's nature. Nurture isn't even in second place. Parents can of course have a negative impact, in obvious ways, but everything else is cellular. My daughters are amazing adults and I love them without reserve, but that's not because of anything I did. Oh, wait, I made sure they listened to lots of Van Morrison." An interview with Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle columnist

"Well, it's both nature and nurture. I can't believe that God would create Larry King all on His own." An Interview with Mike Nelson

"My super-heroes were Amazons -- Wonder Woman and Troia -- because of what they represented to me. Wonder Woman wanted more than anything else in the world for human beings to peacefully coexist with each other. I can think of no greater sentiment than that, and that's why she's my hero. An Interview with Phil Jimenez

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